Flanders Investment and Trade has an extensive network of Flemish representatives throughout the world. They must help put Flemish companies on the map abroad, and conversely attract foreign investors to our country. They travel to Belgium once a year for an annual meeting. This year they visited the Corda Campus, the Thorpark and also DronePort.

It promised to be a very interesting afternoon, and it was. About one hundred FIT representatives traveled from countries such as Spain, Chile, Latvia and China to get an impression of DronePort. “It is important that such ambassadors know what we are doing, what makes our campus unique in the world, and why companies such as Amazon are coming to test drones with us,” says DronePort CEO Mark Vanlook.

During the tour, all residents of DronePort were given the opportunity to briefly introduce their organization to the visitors. “The FIT representatives are in a sense a ‘window to the world’ for them. They know what is going on abroad and can detect opportunities and threats in local markets. For companies that have international growth ambitions, such a network is worth gold,” says Vanlook. To conclude, Governor Herman Reynders took the floor.

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