During live demonstrations, the company Belgian Advanced Technology Systems (BATS) presented its 3D radar system for counter-drone applications. Around 70 guests saw how the system detected and followed about 5 drones flying over the DronePort campus. What is unique about the system is that it can detect not only the location (x and y coordinates) of a hostile device, but also the height (z coordinate).

On 14th August 2019, Belgian Advanced Technology Systems SA (BATS) performed a live demonstration of its highly performant anti-drone system “Drone Guard” at Droneport facility in Sint-Truiden. Among the attendees were representatives of NATO, Belgian Defense, Belgian Police, Belgian Customs, Belgian Public Security and Belgian Prison Authorities.
The system, which is composed of a 3D short-range air defense radar, an RF-detector and direction finder, high-end electro-optics, a jammer and command & control software, showed its outstanding, fully integrated and automated performance against drones of various sizes.

BATS is a globally operating Liège-based company, established in 1984, that is specialized in defense and homeland security solutions, such as border protection, coastal and port protection, maritime surveillance, critical infrastructure protection, force protection and Cyber.

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20190814 - BATS demonstreert counter-drone radarsysteem
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