As bank-insurer, the purpose of KBC is to help all our stakeholders realise their dreams and protect them. 

KBC aspires at being far more than a bank and an insurance: we want to enable and protect the dreams of our clients. Even more: we want to inspire, boost and stimulate those who count on us, day after day.

What we do, we do it so that others can grow and achieve their respective goals: we enable our retail clients to plan and realise their projects, and help them to then protect them; we cooperate with our business clients so that they can grow and develop in the long term; we drive local economies so that communities can further develop, we offer services to their citizens, opportunities for their young people; we are preparing for tomorrow’s challenges, so that our current and future employees can develop their potential.

Today’s workplace is more collaborative, more flexible, more digital and more diverse than ever before. People are driven by a need for purpose and personal value in their professional lives. They decide for themselves the type of employment contract they want and how mobile they are willing to be.

Successful businesses take these evolutions in the labour market to heart and build strong relationships with their extended workforce. They know successful, engaged people drive business forward.

That is exactly what happens when there is a match between people and their job, a strong connection with the company they work for, and the right working conditions to thrive in. HR and payroll are essential to make this happen.

SD Worx understands the critical role of HR and Payroll and guides you with the ideas, expertise, services and technology you need for your organisation and the individuals who are part of it to thrive.

At Van Havermaet we assist entrepreneurs, liberal professionals and wealthy individuals with customized professional advice.

Our assets? A personal approach and a lot of talent on board. What can you expect from Van Havermaet? A very personal service where we want to be more for you than a consultant. We are your right hand at the most important moments. Someone with whom everything is negotiable and who supports you in every way, as befits a true confidant.

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