A number of pilots from the Brustem Pilot Association (BPA) are joining forces with Fighters Against Cancer. From Droneport in Sint-Truiden, the pilots are offering a free flight to 17 young patients. TUKI vzw takes care of allocating the seats and coordinating with the patients and parents.

Rudi Claes is one of the pilots/initiators. “I came into contact with Fighters Against Cancer by chance and thought it was such a great initiative that I immediately called up the other pilots of our Brustem Pilot Association. That’s how we came up with the idea of organizing free maiden flights for the young patients.” For those in the know, the pilots flew 2 Helicopters (OO-HCP and F-HFAL), 1 Cirrus (N200EU), 3 Tecnam’s (OO-DNG, OO-MTR and OO-H46) and 3 Pilatus P-3’s from 1959 (OO-PIL, OO-RDS and D-EPCI).

The pilots’ base of operations is DronePort. Nore Dykmans, Campus Coordinator Droneport: “We enjoy giving wings to such wonderful initiatives. For example, the pilots got a discount on the fuel they consume during the air baptism. And we liked spoiling the kids with some goodies after landing.”

Possibly these maiden flights are just the start. “We are looking at whether, at a future event, we and the Brustem Pilot Association can not only offer free flights to the patients, but also raise money for Fighters Against Cancer,” says Rudi Claes. “There is no concrete idea yet, but the intention is definitely there!”

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