DronePort offers numerous training and education facilities for manned and unmanned aviation. Various knowledge institutions and organizations organize courses in and around our campus building for students of all ages. This ranges from trainings to become a certified pilot to innovation sessions and business training.

In the spotlight

Drones Business Architect

Hogeschool PXL

In this training, companies learn how to convert opportunities into feasible applications with attention to aviation and technological aspects.

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Drone Rookie kampen

Be Legendary

During our initiation camps of 5 half days each, children can gather a lot of knowledge about drones and the opportunities they bring.

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Drone Pilot Academy


Syntra is offering multiple courses the become a drone pilot class 1 or class 2, with theoretical as well as practical modules.

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Education partners

Academy news

HYPEREGIO workshop at DronePort

On the 6the of May 2019, at around 15 members of the HYPEREGIO technology region gathered at DronePort for an interesting workshop. After an introduction and guided tour by Mark Vanlook (DronePort), visitors were given an explanation by Guillaume Francois (GREOVA) and...

PXL International Drone Week at DronePort

Today 29 international students from 7 different countries visited DronePort, in collaboration with the PXL. The University college immersed the students during their international week in the world of the drones. The perfect place to do this? At DronePort...

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