In the context of the Postgraduate Drones Business Architect, ten companies will pitch their business case for the students. In DronePort they try to convince the students to opt for their idea to further develop it into a fully-fledged business plan or innovation project. Other companies that are also interested can still apply to pitch in front of the class.

“In a classic pitch, starters, often young people or even students, are looking for investors to bring their business case to life,” says Mark Vanlook of DronePort. “As part of this training, we are reversing the roles. This time, existing companies come to ‘sell’ a new case to the postgraduate students. The reward will not be financial resources, but a full-fledged business plan or innovation dossier to bring in subsidies.”

The students learn in the training how they can market new ideas related to drone technology. The practical cases provided by real companies are the ideal learning method for this, and it creates a win-win situation for both parties. The students do not have to deal with fictional cases, but immediately learn the real deal. In exchange, companies that bring in a case receive support in the development of their business plan or innovation dossier.

Would you also like help with the development of your business plan or subsidy dossier and are you interested in pitching your case for the class? You can find all the information you need to apply for at For more information, contact

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