DR-one, a drone company based at DronePort, becomes a dealer of the French brand Elistair, a manufacturer of drone technology that specializes in tether systems for surveillance drones, for example. With such a system, a drone is attached to a power cord so that it can remain airborne for hours. Some relevant stakeholders such as police zones and security firms came to watch a demonstration at DronePort last Wednesday.

“Surveillance companies and police services often need a permanent eye in the sky,” says Rob Nuyens of DR-one. “With systems such as Safe-T and Light-T from Elistair, the drone can stay in the air for a long time. With a demonstration on DronePort we want to introduce interested people to these systems. ”During the demonstration, pilots Guy Verhoeven and David Moisan held a DJI M210v2 rtk in the air using the Elistair Safe-T tether.

There was a lot of interest among the guests and DR-one therefore wants to organize more demos in the future for a targeted audience. “The fact that the manufacturer is also present is always a great added value. This ensures very short and direct communication. As a brand new dealer, we are very happy with this close collaboration and are delighted to be able to add a new premium brand to our range, “Nuyens concludes.

20200122 - Elistair thetered drone demo
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