On 12 June, during a realistic disaster exercise, a number of Flemish pioneering technology companies demonstrated at DronePort the added value of using drones to support emergency services. The 3DSafeguard-VL project, which envisaged the development of such a technology, was seen from the outset as the most important drone technology project in Flanders and can now be used on a large scale in police and fire fighting services. The demo is the result of a successful project with the interest of many prominent figures and key stakeholders from the emergency services sector.

“The project is actually part of a European initiative, which seeks to find a global solution that supports emergency services by offering them a quick and clear overview of the disaster area in which they are moving,” says Frank. Vanwelkenhuyzen, CEO of the drone builder DroneMatrix. “With this solution we succeed in increasing the effectiveness of the care providers, while guaranteeing their safety and minimizing the financial marginal damage.”

Unique “real-life” demo on DronePort

The project started in May 2016 and therefore has a spectacular ending with a “real-life” demo on the brand new DronePort site in Flanders in June 2019, after three years of hard work. “A site that already attracts a lot of international companies, because the possibilities for testing drone technology here are virtually unlimited,” Vanwelkenhuyzen continues. “The campus is therefore the ideal location to present our life-saving solution. We simulate a traffic accident with all the trimmings, so that the participants in the demo event can experience the drone deployment from relatively close by. A unique experience, because you usually don’t get to see such things. “

More information: https://dronematrix.be

20190612 Demo 3D Safeguard

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