At EBST- Limburg Regional Airport we offer a large flying area for manned aviation, which can be used for pilot training, initiation flights, training programs, commercial flights, banner flights, drone flights and hot air balloon departures.


Aerodrome Commander (AC): Guido Smets

Duty Aerodrome Commander (DAC) at Aerodrome Office

  • By telephone: +32(0) 473 97 61 99 or +32(0) 11 58 09 89
  • By e-mail:
  • Location: Tower, DronePort building, Lichtenberglaan 1090, 3800 Sint-Truiden, Belgium

Aircraft Scheltering – Hangaring: Jacques de Kroes

LRA Operator & DronePort General Director: Mark Vanlook

  • By telephone: +32(0) 495 58 71 65
  • By e-mail:
  • Address: Lichtenberglaan 1090, 3800 Sint-Truiden, Belgium
Sint-Truiden ATZ

Prior Permission Required (PPR)
  • The aerodrome is strictly PPR for visiting aircraft (Aer class II, Code 2 VFR):
    • Via tel +32(0)473 97 61 99 or +32(0)11 58 09 89 to DAC
    • Via e-mail to, or a link at the DronePort website ( only if request is launched, at the latest, 48 Hrs in advance.
Aerodrome Facilities


    • RWY 24R/06L (CODE 2): 1199M x 50M;            ASPH     –      9000 kg MTOW
    • RWY 24C/06C (CODE 1): 500M x 30M;             GRASS  –        2000 kg MTOW
    • RWY 24L/06R (CODE 1): 799M x 23M;              ASPH    –       5700 kg MTOW (closed – to be used only in case of emergency)
      • Orientation: 058°/238°
      • Slope:   < 1°


      • Between the aprons and the threshold RWY 24

Aprons manned traffic:   

      • North and south of Hangar 41
      • North of Hangar 43
      • South of Hangar 43 (Heli only)


      • H41: 50°47’22’’N –  005°12’24’’E    (airplanes & helicopter staging)
      • H43: 50°47’15‘’N –  005°12’21’’E    (airplanes & helicopter staging)
      • H27: 50°47’58”N –  005°12’22”E     (RPAS only)

Fuel station:

      • AVGAS: At H41- Apron south (airplanes & helicopters)
      • Jet A1: At H41- Apron south (airplanes & helicopters)

Car parking areas: H41: East site of the northern and southern apron of H41

Signal square: 50°47’43”N 005°12’43”E – located on the roof of DronePort building

Aerodrome windsock: located east of the threshold area RWY 24R

Aerodrome Services
1 Cargo-handling facilities None
2 Fuel types AVGAS 100 LL and Jet A1
Oil types Piston engine W15W-50
3 Fueling facilities and capacity

Fixed pumps: AVGAS 100LL: 12000L & Jet A1: 8000L

4 De-icing facilities None
5 Hangar space for visiting aircraft On request – see Aerodrome contact
6 Repair facilities None
Opening Hours

Extended Opening Hours

Flying activity possible outside normal opening hours on request via PPR, during normal operating hours, the day prior for:


Noise abatement:

Special attention to pilots

  • RPAS activities within the SINT-TRUIDEN ATZ announced via NOTAM
  • Drone areas to be avoided when active (click for map)
  • Special arrival and departure procedures when RPAS operate above 150 FT AGL (45 m AGL).

Flight activities requiring Aerodrome Operator (LRA) approval:

  • Pilot training
  • Initiation flights (first flights / aerobatics)
  • Training programmes
  • Commercial flights
  • Banner tow flights
  • Hot air balloon departures


Bank- or credit card only; NO CASH

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