Sensation Flight

“Mission 3188 clear for take-off. Keep it on the brakes, full power, 100% stabilised, fuel flow ok, EGT 700°, release brakes, kick afterburner, injection- fonctionement- pendulage, rpm stabilised full burner. 165kts rotation, take off between 195-220 kts., gear up, traps in before 240 kts, out of AB at 300 kts, accel till 420 kts, ready for navigation, low level 250-500 ft. into Germany.”

“No GPS, no inertial nav. system, nothing except a 500.000 map with some time marks. TOT in a time frame of 1 to 5 sec over target. Go for it. Shit, bad weather en route, lead call’s to close in, close formation go. Stick to his wing, keep on aligning his formation light in the wing with the Tacan antenna on top of his fuselage, fight for it, stay in close, don’t lose your lead…”

The goals of the Mirage Sensation Flight is to let participants experience these intense moments and wonderful feelings by just taking place place in a Mirage cockpit. You will be immersed in the atmosphere of the cockpit of a Mirage M5 B during the cold war. During this full 360° Sensation Flight you will see the stick and throttle move in your cockpit as real, do a flight pass at 480 kts, fly in close formation as wingman, perform a two ship formation landing, experience the airmenship when landing with a pure delta feel, and come to a full stop landing with drag chute!



DronePort Campus
Lichtenberglaan 1090
3800 Sint-Truiden



Every 2nd Saturday and 4th Wednesday of the month
(not on holidays)

€20,00* (per Sensation Flight)



Dates on request

1/2 day = €220,00* (6 Sensation Flights incl.)
1 day = €420,00* (12 Sensation Flights incl.)

10-13h and/or 13-16h

*Prices are exempt from VAT


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