You want to fly at DRONEPORT?

1. Request a DRONEPORT flight booking account – HOW?

Create account

Fill in all listed fields for:

Login fields (all)

Company fields

Insert “-” when specific filed is not applicable

Reason for registering: short description

Click on box “I’m nog a robot”

To send: Click on “Register”

REMARK : Your request has not been sent if a red line appears with text in it.  Make the necessary corrections or add requested information as instructed

Information provided:

Your organisation has received a message to activate your account.

Once activated you will get further instructions by e-mail.

2. Once your account is activated, you first have to complete additional information on your company (menu “my account”, sub-menu “Company”), with UAS data as well as with contributors info.
Here you can also:

Modify your profile

Add your license information

Introduce and overview UAS flight requests in the sub-menu “Flight Request” (once created they have to be approved by the Aerodrome commander before you can introduce flight slots):

Select desired Zone from the drop-down menu

Insert the maximum height you intend to fly

Insert desired start and end date from the drop-down menu when clicking in the corresponding box (need to be two different days)

Write down the objective of your flight (short description)

Write down a detailed description of your flight

Select the UAS(s) you intend to fly with for this specific flight objective (contained in the company UAS list)

Select or edit the payload for this flight objective

Select the people (users) who will be involved for this flight objective during the entire period (contained in the company contributors list)

Send for processing the request by the Aer Comdr/Operations Director

You will be informed of processed flight request by mail

Check the “approval modalities” of your processed request, which are now contained in the flight request

Further manage and edit your company

Adjust company information

Add or delete contributors

Add or delete UAS’s

Change your password

Alter the notification preferences

3. Once a flight request has been approved (informed by mail) you can: 

Check the “approval modalities” of your processed request, which are now contained in the flight request

Introduce slot requests via the menu “schedule”, sub-menu “Booking”:

Select desired day in day box (click to obtain calendar)

Click on corresponding/required UAS area/zone row (linked to flight request)

Fill in “create new reservation window”

Flight Request box: Corresponding approved Flight Request

Begin time

Send by clicking: “Create”

An introduced slot request will appear on the booking page:


Orange: Pending approval

Red: Approved

Not approved slot request will be deleted and removed from the booking page

Double bookings are not possible

Bookings are only possible within the timeframe of the corresponding approved Flight Request

Look at other, already inserted, bookings
By default the general agenda (Booking) is shown

DJI Unlock Procedure
  1. Company/Pilot to fill in DJI custom unlock document for EBST
    1. Date of request
    2. Organization/company
    3. Pilot or company responsible
    4. RPA(‘s)
      1. RPA registration number
      2. Serial number controller
      3. Rpa type
    5. Company DJI account mail address / phone number
    6. Pilot/company responsible signature
  2. Send filled in and signed document in pdf to: flying@droneport.eu
  3. Droneport OPS director will
    1. Fill in dates from – to according the timeframe of the corresponding flight request
    2. Signe the unlock request document from the company/Pilot
    3. Send back the completed unlock request document, in pdf, to the company/Pilot
  4. The company/Pilot send the EBST approval document for DJI unlocking, as attachment, to:
    1. http://www.dji.com/flysafe/custom-unlock
  5. Or customers can contact flysafe@dji.com for help

DJI Release document EBST

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