Multi-copter & kleine fixed wing drones

Ons OUTDOOR TESTGEBIED EBR 61 wordt gebruikt voor opstijgen, landen, test- & wetenschappelijk onderzoek, demonstratievluchten, en instructie- of examinatievluchten van multi-copter & kleine fixed wing drones. Dit outdoor testgebied zullen de meeste piloten leren kennen en het meeste gebruiken tijdens drone testvluchten. EBR 61 heeft twee delen: Noord en Zuid die samen of afzonderlijk kunnen gehuurd worden.


  • UAS multi-copter
  • Small fixed wing flight training
  • Sensor testing & calibration
  • Hardware testing
  • Testing of non-certified & experimental equipment
  • Demonstration & events


  • Surface: approx. 500m x 450m (18,5 Ha)
  • Maximum area altitude 1000 Ft AMSL (750 FT AGL)
  • Flying altitudes above 150 Ft AGL (45m) require coordination and approval of the DAC
  • WIFI available
  • Permanently active for UAS
  • Permanent contact with control tower

 Operational requirements

  • In accordance with UAS Geozone entry Requirements for EBR 61
  • Simultaneous flights of unmanned and manned aircraft allowed
  • UAS take-off and landing surface:
    General direction EBR 61 North: 13/31: 295M x 22M; CONC/ASPH
    General direction EBR 61 South: 10/28: 350M x 20M; ASPH
  • The flying direction after take-off has always to be away from the main runway 24R/06L, on a general heading of 310° in EBR 61 North and 280° in EBR 61 South
  • Permanent contact between de Drone Zone Responsible (DZR) and the DAC thru ProTalk 2-way ground communication system (provided at DronePort) and back up by mobile phone
  • Briefing by DAC before start of flying activities
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