Experimentele fixed wing drones

Ons OUTDOOR TESTGEBIED EBR 62 wordt gebruikt voor experimentele fixed wing dronevluchten met of zonder waarnemer, opstijgen en landen voor test-, demonstratie- en wetenschappelijke onderzoeksvluchten. Dit is een uniek testgebied voor meer uitzonderlijke drones.


  • UAS multi-copter
  • Fixed-wing flight training
  • Sensor testing & calibration
  • Hardware testing
  • Testing of non-certified & experimental equipment
  • Demonstration & events


  • Surface: approx. 1400m x 900m (88 Ha)
  • Maximum area altitude 2000 Ft AMSL (1750 Ft AGL/ 530 m AGL)*
    • *Minus 100 Ft safety buffer
  • Flying altitudes above 150 Ft AGL (45m) require coordination and approval of the DAC
  • WIFI available
  • Permanent contact with control tower

Operational requirements

  • In accordance with UAS Geozone entry Requirements for EBR 62
  • Simultaneous flights of unmanned and manned aircraft allowed
  • UAS operating in EBR 62 must take off and land in EBR 61 (see procedures EBR 61).
  • Permanent contact between de Drone Zone Responsible (DZR) and the DAC thru ProTalk 2-way ground communication system (provided at DronePort) and back up by mobile phone
  • The area has to be activated by NOTAM.  NOTAM request will be introduced by the DronePort Geozone Manager after drone-flight slot approval.
  • Slot request to be introduced by the drone operator at the latest 2 working days before the day of the flight event.
  • Observers must position themselves along the South East borderline of EBR 62 and must maintain radio contact with the DZR and DAC to announce all area border crossings and safety problems.
  • Cars must be parked at least 40 meters from the take-off, landing and operating area.
  • Spectators are not allowed in the operating area during flights.
  • Access roads to and from take-off and landing areas must be physically blocked, signs must indicate the danger and drone activity.
  • DZR must contact DAC to inform the start and end of drone operations.
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