Beyond line of sight drone missies

Ons OUTDOOR TESTGEBIED EBR 72 wordt gebruikt voor vluchten die vertrekken van startbaan 06L/24R en/of operationeel zijn buiten de EBR’s 61, 62 en 63 voor beyond line of sight drone missies.


  • UAS multi-copter
  • Fixed-wing flight training
  • Demonstration & events


  • Surface: approx. 7.25 km x 3.20 km
  • Minus a 50 m bufferzone from the edges of the area
  • Maximum area altitude 2000 Ft AMSL (1750 Ft AGL/ 530 m AGL)*
  • *Minus 100 Ft safety buffer
  • Permanent contact with control tower
  • Operational requirements

    • In accordance with UAS Geozone entry Requirements for EBR 72
    • Take-off and landing from the RWY 06L/24R or from one of the platforms in EBR 61 (see procedures EBR 61)
    • UAS have to avoid all populated areas within EBR 72
    • Simultaneous manned traffic is allowed in Sint-Truiden ATZ within the EBR 73 when UAS active in EBR 72
    • Permanent contact between de Drone Zone Responsible (DZR) and the DAC thru best means: ProTalk 2-way ground communication system (provided at DronePort) and/or back up by mobile phone required.
    • The area has to be activated by NOTAM.  NOTAM request will be introduced by the Droneport Geozone Manager after drone-flight slot approval
    • Slot request to be introduced by the drone operator at the latest 2 working days before the day of the flight event
    • DZR must contact DAC whenever a safety problem occurs or could occur in respect to manned aircraft
    • DZR must inform DAC of any incident or accident
    • DZR will inform DAC at the start and the end of flying activities
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