Last week, the participants in the pilot collective Dr-one officially received their operational handbook. After a year of intensive cooperation, the collective is now finally fully operational. Founder Guy Verhoeven is very pleased: “This way we can join forces as drone pilots to offer more and better services to companies that want to use drones for various applications.”

A total of 18 pilots came to DronePort to pick up their opertational manual from Dr-one on Monday the 6th of May, along with their brand new price list. “This unified price list is going to make it much easier and more efficient to come up with good quotes, without the pilots constantly competing with each other,” says Verhoeven. “The price list is a type of menu card that can be handed over to potential customers, and on which all prices are clearly stated for the different types of service. This makes it much easier not only for the pilots but also for the customer to immediately find the right pilot at the most correct rate.”

The founder wants to offer a network of professional pilots with the right flying gear for every drone job in a rapidly changing environment with strict regulation and high investment costs. On the other hand, it relieves the pilots as much as possible of all concerns so that they can fully immerse themselves in their passion and execute it in the most optimal circumstances.

“It is important that we do this. Together, our pilots have a great deal of expertise and knowledge. They are all experts in their area, but as an individual it is not easy to commercialize these services, because the current climate does not allow this. By doing this in a group, we have much more support and strength when approaching potential customers. For example, we can effortlessly gather the right pilot for each type of assignment within our own network, which is a huge advantage,” concludes Verhoeven.

And the collective does not seem to miss its effect. According to Verhoeven, the number of assignments for their pilots is now clearly on the rise and there are still quite a few projects with larger companies in the pipeline.

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