August 2018

HLN – Mayor uses drones to measure damage to crops (Dutch article)


July 2018

HBVL – “This dronejob is my dreamjob” (Dutch article)

Datanews/Knack – Mark Vanlook becomes DronePort’s new CEO (Dutch article)


June 2016

TVL – Sint-Truiden puts Drone Valley on the European map (Dutch article & video)


April 2016

HBVL – Droneport (Dutch article)

HBVL – Unique drone competition (Dutch article)

TVL – Racing with drones, the newest hype (Dutch article & video)


February 2016 

HBVL – Drones get testing zone with width of 10 km (Dutch article)

HBVL – New RD for drone usage by end of March (Dutch article)

TVL – First official test flight with drone in Sint-Truiden (Dutch article & video)


December 2015

Belga – New incubator for drone companies in Sint-Truiden (Dutch article)

HBVL – Sint-Truiden gets campus for drone industry (Dutch article)


September 2015

Trends – Support for drone pilots (Dutch article)


June 2015 

TVL – Province of Limburg: Brustem expands by 36 ha (Dutch article & video)


March 2015

Trends – Unmanned is unloved (Dutch article)


October 2014 

TVL – 300 jobs in fruit and drone valley Brustem (Dutch article and video)