Companies and professionals who want to use drones in their operations will soon be able to receive training at Hogeschool PXL and DronePort. In the training, companies learn how to convert opportunities into feasible applications with attention to aviation and technological aspects. The theoretical content of the training also prepares the participants for the tests they can complete to become a drone pilot. The provincial government of Limburg is supporting this training.

Professional applications for drones spring up like mushrooms. Logistics companies want to use them to deliver packages and security services use them to make pictures of crisis situations. Many new possibilities, but because they are often complex, there is a gap between what the industry demands and the education that is offered. That is why Hogeschool PXL and DronePort are launching a Drones Business Architect course.

Numerous industries, sectors and organizations use drones more often to support their business processes. Drones are often faster, safer and cheaper than the traditional methods of, for example, performing inspections, deliveries or other repetitive or inefficient tasks.

Because of the sharp increase in applications, there is a need for professional training. After all, it is important to develop applications that are safe, reliable and efficient. But the number of specialized courses in this domain is very limited, and most existing courses deal with only one aspect.
“In the middle of next year, the new European drone legislation will facilitate many drone applications compared to the current Belgian legislation. This course responds to this and is the ideal preparation for companies and individuals,” says Mark Vanlook, CEO of DronePort.

With the new training, Hogeschool PXL and DronePort train professionals that want to operate in all markets. “Anyone who wants to develop business applications for drones must not only be familiar with technology and programming, but must also have knowledge of legislation and aviation aspects such as navigation and aerodynamics. Moreover, a Drones Business Architect must also have the right skills to detect and investigate business opportunities, ”says Ben Lambrechts, general director of Hogeschool PXL.

Learning from companies
The training programs based on practical cases. A number of companies that have done pioneering work come to explain the drone applications within their sector. For this purpose, the course works together with Franki Construct (part of Willemen Groep), Bouwbedrijf Dethier, Medialife and The Fungroup.

The training aims at professionals with a bachelor’s or master’s degree, and will start in October 2019. The lessons will be held at DronePort in Sint-Truiden.

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