DroneMatrix is a hightech company and part of the successful RiskMatrix Group. 

Over the last 10 years, this group has developed and deployed a series of ICT products and services that today hold a leading position in the security (man-guarding) industry.  These products are not only ahead of its competitors but also stand testament to a bold vision to radically improve the operational processes of security companies.

The underlying philosophy of the group and of DroneMatrix is to keep introducing new innovative smart technologies to the fascinating world of security and safety.  The disruptive element that comes along with these new technologies and related business models represents a challenge for all stakeholders, a challenge that has a significant organizational change associated with it.

DroneMatrix itself is on an evolutionary path, starting from a strong position embedded in the Limburg area in Belgium.  The first step is finalized and intended to develop and commercialize a set of drone products for the Security and Safety industry, products that will continue to evolve into fully autonomous solutions.

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