“DronePort’s airport and infrastructure are excellent for the practical flight examinations and tests, necessary for internal research and support to our customers.”

As a leading company in the drone sector, EuroUSC Benelux has certainly not missed it’s flight! In this ever-growing industry the company has now become a fixed value.

Thanks to the necessary permits and an experienced team from aviation, from the drone industry and other industries, EuroUSC-Benelux can now offer:
• Exams to (prospective) pilots,
• support and training to schools,
• evaluation and inspection of airworthiness of RPAS or drones for companies,
• support and control of the SORA.

But it certainly does not stop here! Simplification and digitization of various operational processes ensure that EuroUSC Benelux does not only offer it’s customers a professional and personal approach, but also the most up-to-date market solution.

Although the activities go beyond the boundaries, the guideline is always the national legislation and the own standards that are also recognized in the different countries.


+32 78 48 05 01
or +31 85 208 2923


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