Port of Antwerp

“Our presence at DronePort confirms our ambition to pioneer and to be an open and innovative hub that introduces new technologies.”


The port of Antwerp is an important economic cluster that extends over an area of ​​120 km² with a wide range of activities (chemistry, logistics, …). To support the transition to a digital port platform and to get a better view of the ins and outs of the port, the Port Authority wants to focus strongly on the use of drones. This supports our role as operator and regulator. As a community builder we facilitate the use of drones by the relevant stakeholders (companies, emergency and security services, environmental monitoring, …) and this within a safe and controlled environment.  

Our presence at DronePort confirms our pioneering role and ambition to be an open and innovative hub that introduces new technologies. For example, the Port of Antwerp will become an extended test zone for technology that has already proven a certain maturity at the DronePort test site. This is also part of the U-space demonstrator network project that was launched by Europe at the end of October.

We therefore invite drone technology developers to pitch and demonstrate their innovative solutions for port use at the demo moments that will be scheduled in the coming months. An overview of the context in which drones operate a the port can be found on our non-exhaustive Canvas.



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