Protection Unit


To be effective in terms of prevention and security, it is necessary to be very familiar with each form of danger, in order to be better able to anticipate it.

Protection Unit has firstly classified its SERVICES according to the nature of the security service proposed. Whether it is static guarding, mobile guarding, event guarding, bodyguarding, or one of these categories but in a last minutecontext, this classification already gives a clearer picture of what each line of work entails.

Next, it is necessary to contemplate each of these services within the different SECTORS OF ACTIVITY to which they apply. Whether the context is a company, industry, an event or institution or concerns private individuals, we prioritise certain types of services depending on the sector in question.

Ultimately, what we strive for in our approach is to demonstrate that an appropriate solution is always available, whatever your expectations or needs in the area of safety and security.

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