“skeyes has well earned its place at Droneport. We help support the sector, keep exploring the possibilities regarding drones and… continue to guarantee the safety of air traffic.”

Drones are the future. Better still, they are omnipresent these days and their number will only increase in the coming years. They are used for a wide range of commercial and other purposes that impact daily life. That way the sector has quickly evolved to become a key economic player.

skeyes is fully aware of that fact. But we also understand the challenges that we face in the field of air traffic safety, our main mission. We attach particular importance to safe drone traffic and to the integration of manned and unmanned vehicles in the existing air traffic flows. That is why we are currently already taking part in a great number of projects exploring the possibilities regarding drones and drawing lessons from that for air traffic control and regulation on the subject. That makes us a frontrunner in Europe.

skeyes is a prominent player within the network of U-space Demonstrators, created by the European Union. Together with e.g. Amazon Prime Air and a large number of Belgian companies, including Proximus, Elia, Antwerp Port Authority, Sabca, Helicus and Unifly, we participate in the SAFIR project that organises demonstrations with respect to integrated drone traffic management for a comprehensive range of drone activities in Antwerp.

Moreover, skeyes actively participates in various other projects in the framework of the European Smart Cities program and Smart Mobility Belgium. One of those projects is Medrona, which aims to develop a concept for delivering medical supplies between a number of hospitals in Antwerp and Hasselt.

On the website and our app, drone users can find all the information they need to fly. Professionals will even be able to completely plan their flight and obtain the necessary authorisations via that platform.

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