Syntra Limburg

The Drone Pilot Academy of SYNTRA Limburg was one of the first flying schools where you could go for a drone pilot training in Belgium. More than 300 candidate pilots have already taken part in our training because of our expertise and experience with training. At SYNTRA Limburg in a professional environment you will be theoretically and practically trained to become a class 1 or 2 drone pilot for Belgian legislation. We also offer training as a drone maintenance and construction technician.

Safety is our top priority. Our Drone Pilot Academy strives for constructive cooperation with companies and knowledge institutions. We have therefore been a regular partner of Droneport since 2016. We offer tailor-made training: tailor-made solutions that are fully adapted to the training needs. We guarantee flexible and personal support from A to Z. In addition, our drone training is recognized for the “KMO portefeuille”.

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