“DronePort offers Unifly a safe environment to test the many usecases to be demonstrated in the European projects, specifically SAFIR.”

Drones are breaking through rigid traditional barriers in the most diverse industries. By 2020, the market for drone services is estimated to be worth $127 billion. One of the main conditions for realizing this business potential is the safe integration of drone traffic with existing manned air traffic.
Unifly offers an innovative, user-friendly software platform that allows drone pilots to check if their intended drone flight can be performed without violating the applicable local and national legislation as well as NOTAM restrictions. The same platform allows authorities to manage and trace drone traffic and flight authorizations within their assigned airspace. This way we help keep the airspace safe.
DronePort offers Unifly a safe environment to test the many usecases to be demonstrated in the European projects, specifically SAFIR, a consortium of 13 public and private organisations that has been selected by Single European Sky ATM Research Joint Undertaking (SESAR JU) to demonstrate integrated Drone Traffic Management for a broad range of drone operations in Belgium.
SAFIR will carry out multiple studies and demonstrations for drone operations that are viable, robust and ready-to-implement throughout Europe. These demonstrations will include surveillance flights (including container terminal inspection, oil spill inspection) in the Port of Antwerp, parcel delivery, medical inter-hospital transport, high voltage line mapping and pylon inspection.
The goal of the SAFIR project is to contribute to the EU regulatory process for drones and drive forward the deployment of interoperable, harmonised and standardised drone services across Europe.
Unifly’s award winning Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) platform is already in use today by the national authorities of Germany, Denmark, Austria and Belgium. Since collaboration is one of our core values, we also participate in several European unmanned air traffic management projects. In the US, the NUAIR Alliance selected Unifly as a partner to provide enhanced unmanned traffic management capabilities for the New York UAS Test Site, a 50-mile UTM corridor in Upstate New York. Unifly also deployed the first African UTM system in support of UNICEF’s drone corridor in Malawi.


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