On Sunday 1st December Saint Nicholas exchanged sunny Spain for a very cold Belgium and arrived by heli at DronePort where around 50 enthusiastic children gave him a warm welcome.

It was a very early and cold Sunday morning when the first children and their families arrived at DronePort to participate in the Saint Nicholas-event organized by DronePort Cuisine. All families were looking forward to enjoy a delicious Sunday breakfast in the cosy Cuisine and to watch the arrival of Saint Nicholas by heli.

Around 9.30 a.m. the approaching helicopter made many children jump around of excitement and when Saint Nicholas and Black Peter arrived at the Campus, the crowd gave them a warm welcome.

After everyone had the opportunity to tell Saint Nicholas their wishing list and after all good children received bags full of sweets and little toys, the kids could also enjoy drone fun at the Auditorium supported by TechLegends.

This happy Sunday morning ended in beauty when a drone arrived at DronePort Cuisine, just in time before Saint Nicholas had to leave, to deliver a toy bear which Black Peter had forgotten in Spain.

With the kind support of:
Robby Moers – Helicopter Flights
TechLegends – Kids Drone Workshops
SkyMedia – Drone Flights Saint Nicholas

20191201 - Aankomst Sint DronePort
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