Last Thursday, February 6, Senhive presented the updated version of its SenAir system. Together with their Spanish partner Advanced Radar Technologies (ART), Senhive demonstrated the ART Midrange 3D radar, one part of the modular solution that Senhive offers for counterdrone applications. Thirty potential customers who did not want to miss the demonstration were present in the conference room and on the roof of DronePort.

Senhive has developed a multi-layer system through its SEN-AIR solution in which different C-UAS technologies are brought together in one user-friendly platform. For example, detectors based on radio frequencies, radar signals and visual data are combined to offer users of the system optimum protection against unwanted devices in the airspace. The demonstrated ART Midrange 3D radar can detect devices up to 3 km far and 1 km high. In their range they also have a “long range” version that can detect a drone up to 5 to 6 km.

During the demonstration, a DJI Phantom 4 was sent into the air and detected by the radar system 1.5 km away. In the user interface you can see a map over which a red dot draws a line, being the flight pattern of the drone. In the interface you can follow the position and height of the device in real time. The underlying map can even be rotated in 3D mode, so you can see the height lines of the drone in 3D. Regardless of the radar, RF or camera system, Senhive strives to efficiently transfer the data to their customers via SEN-AIR. The unique combination of years of consultancy in data centers, mission-critical applications and telecom gives Senhive the perfect tools to apply efficient integration in the most critical environments.

Thomas Petracca: After a few demos, Senhive has also decided to take a permanent office within Droneport. “We are convinced that Droneport provides us with the perfect test bed / lab to make a complete simulation for our customers & partners, this is an essential & unique environment that gives us a competitive edge within Europe.

20200206 - Senhive - SenAir demonstration
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