A shared working space with drone-specific materials

Numerous innovation projects are in need for the construction of a prototype or demonstrator, tailored to their business case. In these innovation processes, people often rely on an ad hoc labs and have been able to provide little or no (financial) resources or logistical facilities to assemble the specific prototype.

Pilots, start-ups, companies, researchers, etc. therefore need a joint workshop to develop their products. A company needs the technical expertise to adjust and test a drone, preferably in an environment with nearby test facilities in the airspace.

With the DroneLab we meet up to this need by offering a common physical infrastructure with workspaces and access to drone-specific materials (sensors, cameras, GPS systems, batteries, simulators, IoT software, flight control systems, etc.). It is a living lab where we work with (new) companies on solutions for technological challenges in the various business cases.

We bring technology to companies and help operators to become familiar with completely new aviation processes. This is the added value of a testing ground that complementarily links the power of an ecosystem to an infrastructure that fully supports these technological developments.

The professional DroneLab ensures that this new industry group can build and test their implementations and prototypes in a reserved airspace. New products can developed and “homologated” for further marketing through this joint workshop. For more information about the DroneLab, contact info@droneport.eu.

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