On 12 November 2019, EUKA organized a second seminar on the new European drone legislation that is due to arrive in mid-2020. The presentation was in fact part of the post-graduate Drones Business Architect of Hogeschool PXL, but the guest lecture was exceptionally open to everyone who was interested. Finally, Skeyes also explained the latest version of the Droneguide platform. The entire session was filmed and can be consulted on the EUKA website.

The auditorium in DronePort was full again last Tuesday for a seminar on the new European drone legislation. In June 2019 EUKA already organized a session about this upcoming legislation. You can read the substantive report of this on this web page. In the new seminar, Michael Maes of EuroUSC brought an update on behalf of Skeyes with the latest state of affairs. You can view this entire session below. For questions, please contact michael.maes@eurousc.aero or Jean_Pierre_De_Muyt@ext.skeyes.be.

In comparison with the previous presentation by Jean-Pierre De Muyt, this time the risk analysis principle was discussed more in detail. Pilots who want to perform flights in the specific category in the future will almost always have to make a risk analysis. Recently, EASA has officially published a series of documents indicating how you should comply with the new EU rules for flying in the specific category regarding the risk assessment methodology. Almost everything is based on SORA.

“If you want to fly in the specific category from mid next year onwards, you should already learn how to make a SORA. The best way to do that is to get yourself trained and apply that method to your KB-based deviations already, “says Jean-Pierre De Muyt of Skeyes. That is why DR-one, in cooperation with EuroUSC-Benelux, is organizing a series of training courses on the SORA principle in the spring of 2020 at DronePort. You can find all the information about this course here (the series in the autumn of 2019 is already full).

After a short break, Tom Snyers and Axel Ribbens entered the stage for the Droneguide road show of Skeyes. They presented the latest version of the Droneguide application, a platform to report flights and request deviations, now and in the future. “The website www.droneguide.be is actually a kind of instruction manual for Droneguide, which also contains numerous instructional videos, FAQs and Quick Start Guides,” says Snyers. For questions about the use of Droneguide you can always contact droneguide@skeyes.be. You can also view their presentation in full below.

20191112 - EU Drone Legislation Seminar + Droneguide Pro Roadshow
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