What will the impact of drones be on future business operations? What are the possibilities, the benefits, and how can we efficiently introduce and manage this technology within the company? This was the foundation for an interesting discussion during a session of the VKW Limburg Working Group Management on 13 June 2019 in DronePort.

On Wednesday evening, 13 June, DronePort CEO Mark Vanlook welcomed for the second time a working group from VKW Limburg to explain the impact of the increasingly evolving and manifesting drone industry.

Based on an inspiring presentation, the possible drone applications that could have a beneficial effect on the cost, sustainability and speed of many business activities within various sectors were discussed.

Of course, questions about the influence of this innovation on the social aspect and the limitations of current legislation were also discussed.

This inspiring session was continued with a tour through the impressive DronePort campus and incubator where the attendees got a good view of the possibilities of this infrastructure, and concluded with a network drink in DronePort Cuisine.

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