At the DronePort Campus, its inhabitants and visitors are guided by Nore Dykmans. 

For all things related to catering, workshops, meeting rooms, incubator seats, flight areas, organizing seminars or events, or even innovation processes: she arranges everything!

Nore Dykmans

Nore Dykmans

Management Assistant
+32 (0) 472 62 05 66



Flying an airplane is not an easy task. Performing UAS operations also requires the necessary knowledge and expertise. Performing both together at an airport without any form of supervision is completely impossible.

These team members are former military pilots and / or aviation enthusiasts. You can, so to speak, rely blindly on them to carry out your aerial missions.

Aerodrome commander

Jacques de Kroes

+32 (0) 494 70 20 81

Deputy Aerodrome commanders

Peter Lepez

Patrick Deschrijver

Christian Jacobs


Vincent Gerard



And when energy levels dwindle, who better to the rescue then the top notch catering team of DronePort.

You choose: grab a quick lunch or cater to an event or an important sales meeting: the enthusiastic culinary team of the campus is up to the challenge.

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