With a purpose-built droneport, available land for aviation development, and a favorable regulatory framework, DronePort aims to position itself as a premier hub for innovation in the aviation industry.

30ha business park with direct access to the runway

DronePort, located in the heart of Europe, Belgium, has ambitious plans to further develop its 30-hectare business park. The goal is to attract aviation companies that wish to develop a section of the business park to house their innovation and research activities. By providing comprehensive access to the park through both air and road, DronePort aims to become an appealing destination for companies involved in aviation innovation. Below are some key benefits of DronePort that will convince companies to establish themselves in Brustem.

Why to settle your business at DronePort?

Purpose-built droneport with runway, airspace, and test areas

DronePort envisions a purpose-built droneport that caters specifically to the needs of the aviation industry. It includes a runway for aircraft and drones, designated airspace areas, and ample testing grounds where companies can develop, test, and refine their UAVs and innovative aviation technologies.

Available land for aviation development and UAV testing

DronePort will offer companies the opportunity to acquire and customize their own parcel of land to suit their specific needs, directly connected to the runway through a dedicated taxiway. This provides aviation companies with the flexibility to expand and innovate, with ample space for testing and showcasing new technologies.

Favorable regulatory framework

DronePort benefits from a favorable regulatory framework that supports companies in their operations. It includes clear guidelines and procedures for land use, airspace allocation, and compliance with EU regulations related to UAV activities. This regulatory support provides companies with certainty and confidence when developing and testing their aviation projects.

UAS/UAV ecosystem

DronePort has established a strong UAV and UAS ecosystem comprising strategic partners, renowned universities, and shareholders who provide expertise and support to companies. This network fosters collaboration, knowledge sharing, and innovation, granting companies access to a wide range of resources and opportunities for collaboration.

The heart of Europe

DronePort is centrally located in Flanders, a region known for its competitiveness and innovation. This location offers companies access to a thriving business ecosystem, favorable tax benefits, and highly skilled personnel. Additionally, the central location enhances international connectivity and trade opportunities for aviation companies establishing themselves in DronePort.

Future growth

The Master Plan of DronePort in Sint-Truiden embodies the ambition to create an innovative business park for the aviation industry. With a purpose-built droneport, available land for development, a favorable regulatory framework, a thriving UAV ecosystem, and a central location in a competitive and innovative region, DronePort provides an attractive environment for companies involved in aviation innovation. By leveraging these benefits, DronePort will play a significant role in promoting groundbreaking technologies and driving growth in the aviation sector.