OPS Room

Welcome to the future of drone operation at DronePort. Our Alpha Jet meeting room can be transformed into a high-tech OPS Room, designed to elevate your drone operations to unprecedented levels of efficiency and control.

Unleash the potential of your drone operations with our OPS Room

Our OPS Room is specially tailored for Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) applications. Equipped with conditional access to the latest airspace monitoring tools from Skeydrone and Senhive, it ensures that your operations are not only seamless but also ahead of the curve. The room includes everything you need for real-time decision-making, from advanced software providing live airspace data to large 75″ LCD monitors for a clear, comprehensive data display.

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Key features

Advanced airspace monitoring with real-time traffic information

The heart of our OPS Room consists of cutting-edge software that provides vital, real-time data on airspace traffic. This software, the SkeyDrone Monitor, fed with data captured by Senhive and other data sources, provides unparalleled situational awareness and delivers a comprehensive air picture, displaying both crewed and uncrewed traffic, empowering you to navigate with confidence. This is especially beneficial for complex BVLOS operations where safe and informed decision-making is crucial and operators need to stay updated with the latest airspace information so they can respond rapidly to changing scenarios. 

Drone-in-a-Box services and support by DroneLand

For companies interested in utilizing the OPS Room at DronePort and specifically interested in drones-in-a-box solutions such as the DJI Dock 1 & 2, our resident DroneLand can offer additional services to enhance operational capabilities. This includes providing technical support for the implementation and maintenance of drones-in-a-box systems, calibration and integration into existing infrastructure. They can also organize training sessions for staff to familiarize them with operating the drones.

Dual 75" LCD monitors for an enhanced operational overview

Visibility and clarity are essential in drone operations. Our OPS Room boasts two large 75-inch LCD monitors, offering a panoramic view of all operational data. These screens are perfect for monitoring flight paths, weather data, and other critical information, ensuring that every aspect of your operation is under vigilant surveillance and control.

A safe environment designed for efficient testing and development:

Our diverse flying areas are fully approved by the Belgian Civil Aviation Authority (BCAA) and managed by the Limburg Regional Airport, ensuring a secure and compliant environment for all your operational needs. Whether you need specific airspace configurations or a safe proving ground for your drones, our facilities are tailored to meet your specific requirements. We are currently also progressing in process of making BVLOS flights a matter of course at DronePort, and we’re confident that this OPS Room will soon become a pivotal asset in these advancements.


6 max.

1 table and 4-6 chairs, no alternations possible

Standard services included

Natural daylight, airport view, window blinds, 2 large 75″ LCD screens with HDMI (or wireless projection) and audio, access to advanced monitoring software powered by SkeyDrone and Senhive, coffee machine, fridge with cold drinks, wifi connection, technical assistance, wheelchair access,…

Catering options upon request

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€ 50/h + € 100/booking

Including all services above

Optional drone-in-a-box services by DroneLand upon request