Unmanned Aviation – Drone Test Zone

DronePort flight request procedure

Learn how to request a flight in one of our flight areas for UAS. We work with the Skyman traffic management platform.

DJI unlock geozone procedure

At DronePort, you are operating withing a UAS geozone. If you are flying a DJI drone with geofencing, you’ll have to unlock it.

Flight request procedure


How to request a DronePort flight booking account?

  1. Click here to create an account
  2. Fill in all listed fields for:
    • Login fields (all)
    • Company fields
    • Insert “-” when specific filed is not applicable
    • Reason for registering: short description
  3. Click “I’m not a robot”
  4. Click “Register”

Remark: your request has not been sent if a red line appears with text in it. Make the necessary corrections or add requested information as instructed

Information provided:

  • Your organisation has received a message to activate your account.
  • Once activated you will get further instructions by e-mail.

Once your account is activated, you first have to complete additional information on your company (menu “my account”, sub-menu “Company”), with UAS data as well as with contributors info. Here you can also modify your profile and add your license information.


How to request a new flight?

Introduce and overview UAS flight requests in the sub-menu “Flight Request” (once created they have to be approved by the Aerodrome commander before you can introduce flight slots):

  • Select desired Zone from the drop-down menu
  • Insert the maximum height you intend to fly
  • Insert desired start and end date from the drop-down menu when clicking in the corresponding box (need to be two different days)
  • Write down the objective of your flight (short description)
  • Write down a detailed description of your flight
  • Select the UAS(s) you intend to fly with for this specific flight objective (contained in the company UAS list)
  • Select or edit the payload for this flight objective
  • Select the people (users) who will be involved for this flight objective during the entire period (contained in the company contributors list)
  • Send for processing the request by the Aer Comdr/Operations Director

You will be informed of processed flight request by mail. Check the “approval modalities” of your processed request, which are now contained in the flight request:

  • Further manage and edit your company
  • Adjust company information
  • Add or delete contributors
  • Add or delete UAS’s
  • Change your password
  • Alter the notification preferences


How to check the status of you flight(s) and manage your time slots?

Once a flight request has been approved (informed by mail) you can:

  • Check the “approval modalities” of your processed request, which are now contained in the flight request
  • Introduce slot requests via the menu “schedule”, sub-menu “Booking”:
    • Select desired day in day box (click to obtain calendar)
    • Click on corresponding/required UAS area/zone row (linked to flight request)
    • Fill in “create new reservation window”
    • Flight Request box: Corresponding approved Flight Request
    • Begin time
    • Send by clicking: “Create”
  • An introduced slot request will appear on the booking page:
    • Orange: Pending approval
    • Red: Approved
  • Not approved slot request will be deleted and removed from the booking page
  • Double bookings are not possible
  • Bookings are only possible within the timeframe of the corresponding approved Flight Request
  • Look at other, already inserted, bookings
  • By default the general agenda (Booking) is shown

DJI geozone unlock procedure

  1. The company/pilot has to fill in the DJI custom unlock document for EBST
    • Date of request
    • Organization/company
    • Pilot or company responsible
    • RPA(‘s)
      • RPA registration number
      • Serial number controller
      • Rpa type
    • Company DJI account mail address / phone number
    • Pilot/company responsible signature
  2. Send the filled in and signed document in pdf to:
  3. The DronePort OPS director will:
    • Fill in dates from – to according the timeframe of the corresponding flight request
    • Sign the unlock request document from the company/pilot
    • Send back the completed unlock request document, in pdf, to the company/pilot
  4. The company/pilot has to send the EBST approval document for DJI unlocking, as attachment, to:
  5. Or customers can contact for help.

DJI Release document EBST