At DronePort, we are committed to fostering growth and innovation within the drone and aviation industry and affiliated sectors. Limburg Start-Up (LSU) offers guidance programs for startups and scale-ups within the LRM incubator network, of which DronePort is a part. These programs include incubation, acceleration, training, and international business support, fostering innovation and growth in the aviation and drone industry.

Expert guidance for resident companies

LSU’s guidance programs are integral to our mission of empowering businesses in this dynamic industry. These initiatives offer crucial support to startups and scale-ups situated at DronePort and LRM-affiliated incubators, equipping them with the expertise and resources required for success.

Periodically, LSU announces program calls aligned with specific timelines. For comprehensive details on these calls and upcoming events, please visit their website.



Startup Essentials

6 essential sessions

As a startup, you need to master a variety of skills. LSU organizes monthly informative sessions that are crucial for the growth of startups. The ‘Startup Essentials’ program consists of 6 essential sessions for every founder. These sessions cover various topics such as communication, technology, HR, finance, and more. The sessions (one every month) are held in person, each time at a different incubator within our network.

Pitch your seat

Incubation program

If you’re nurturing an innovative idea with concrete plans to start, or if you’ve recently become the founder of a (tech) startup, consider applying for the incubation program of the Limburg Incubator Network. If you are selected, you receive 6 months of intensive guidance, personal mentorship, and a free workspace in one of seven Limburg incubators. This program is organized by LSU and open to all kinds of startups.

Doorbraak Tech Startups

Acceleration program

Have you recently completed your first round of funding and are now looking for the most efficient ways to utilize those fresh resources? In collaboration with LRM, LSU is launching the Breakthrough Acceleration Program for startups. Over seven sessions, experts will provide you with a framework and practical tools to implement immediately. Additionally, successful entrepreneurs will be invited to share their experiences.

Revenue booster

Sales program

Scaling up your startup is incredibly exciting and challenging. You’re transforming your innovative business idea into a full-fledged company with customers, employees, freelancers, and more. That is why Voka Limburg and Limburg Startup, in partnership with E-Volve, offer a 2-day program for 10 startups aiming to increase their revenue. Scaling a startup requires a shift from product innovation to marketing and communication, often necessitating a commercial leader in the company.

Take a seat


Start-ups and scale-ups are constantly looking for ways to develop, access new markets and do business. “Take a seat” offers startups and scale-ups from Limburg incubators a chance to expand their networks in new markets beyond their province and abroad. Following an online intake, you’ll be paired with a local contact person, gaining access to their network. During a one-month incubator placement in the target region, you’ll connect with fellow startups, scale-ups and potential customers.

Spin-off Academy

For researchers

If you’re a researcher looking to transform your research idea into a successful venture, consider the Spin-off Academy organized by LRM and UHasselt. This 15-week program combines science, research and entrepreneurship. You’ll receive expert guidance in small groups and have the opportunity to exchange experiences with fellow researchers. The program is open to researchers with entrepreneurial potential in their research projects who want to explore the path to entrepreneurship.


Expert tables

Expert guidance

For startups, acquiring diverse skills is essential. We provide guidance and expertise in Intellectual Property, HR, Finance, Legal, Tax, and Matchmaking. Twice a year, Limburg incubator residents can pitch their ideas and receive challenges from our seven experts. This opportunity saves time, offers new insights, and greatly expands your network.