Flight areas

 The Droneport indoor and outdoor flight areas offer ideal testing, proving, and demonstration grounds for UAS and drone companies to showcase their innovations and products. Explore our diverse flying areas and reserve airspace tailored to your specific requirements. Rest assured that all our flying ranges have received approval from the Belgian Civil Aviation Authority (BCAA) and are under the management of the Limburg Regional Airport.


EBR 61

Multi-copter & small fixed wing UASs


Our outdoor test area EBR 61 is used for take-off, landing, test & scientific research, demonstration flights, and instruction or examination flights of multi-copter & small fixed wing UASs. This is the outdoor test area most pilots will get to know and use most often during UAS and drone test flights. It can be booked as a whole or separately the North or South area.

EBR 62

Experimental fixed wing UASs


Our outdoor test area EBR 62 is used for experimental fixed wing UAS flights with or without observer, taking off and landing for test, demonstration and scientific research flights. This is a unique test site for more uncommon UASs and drones.

EBR 63

Test area for agricultural applications


Our outdoor test area EBR 63 is used for agricultural test and scientific research flights. This area is located above the pcfruit research centre, which offers an ideal match to test specific agricultural UAS and drone applications.

EBR 64, 72, 73

Beyond visual line of sight UAS missions


Our outdoor test areas EBR 64, EBR 72 & EBR 73 are used for flights departing from runway 06L / 24R and / or operating outside the EBRs 61, 62 and 63 for BVLOS (beyond line of sight) UAS and drone missions, whether or not simultaneously with manned flying.

EBR 66

Demonstration & scientific research


Our outdoor test area EBR 66 is used for demonstration and scientific research flights.  This area is above an industrial park and a traffic junction.

AD Geozone

Experimental fixed wing UASs


This outdoor zone consists of the land and airspace outside the EBR61, EBR62, EBR63 & EBR66 areas in a street of 2.3NM around the airport. This Geozone is not a test zone but a protective zone for manned aviation.

The cage

Outoor testing in a protected environment


This outdoor testing area is a 30 x 9 metres protective cage in front of the DronePort building, for events and demonstrations. The fact that it lies right next to the ateliers, makes for a flexible testing cage for early experiments or small adjustments.

Hangar 66

Indoor training & testing


Our first indoor test area is situated in HANGAR 66, one of the old aircraft maintenance hangars available on the DronePort site. Since indoor testing requires no legal applications, a broad spectrum of operations can be tested in this large venue.