EBR 66

Demonstration and scientific research

EBR 66

Our outdoor test area EBR 66 is used for demonstration and scientific research flights. This area is above an industrial park and a traffic junction.


  • Application testing (safety, traffic control, detection, …)
  • Demonstration & events


  • Surface: approx. 1480m x 790m (68 Ha)
  • Maximum area altitude 550 Ft AMSL (300 Ft AGL/ 90 m AGL)
  • Flying altitudes above 150 Ft AGL (45m) require coordination and approval of the Duty Aerodrome Commander
  • WIFI available
  • Permanent contact with tower

Operational requirements

  • In accordance with UAS Geozone entry Requirements for EBR 66
  • Simultaneous flights of unmanned and manned aircraft allowed
  • UAS operating in EBR 66 must take off and land on DronePort owned terrain
  • Permanent contact between the Drone Zone Responsible (DZR) and the Duty Aerodrome Commander thru ProTalk 2-way ground communication system (provided at DronePort) and back up by mobile phone
  • The area has to be activated by NOTAM.  NOTAM request will be introduced by the Droneport Geozone Manager after drone-flight slot approval
  • Slot request to be introduced by the drone operator at the latest 1 working day before the day of the flight event

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