Training and courses

DronePort is the home base of several private pilot schools. Our 1,1km long runway (3km in total) is the perfect practicing ground for young pilots to take off their professional carreer. Below you can find a list of pilot schools that are active at DronePort. You can contact them directly to enquire information on their training programs.

TUI Fly Academy

TUIfly Academy Brussels is an ATO (EASA Approved Training Organization) with a main base in Brussels and a training facility in Amsterdam. It was founded as a daughter company of TUI fly in 2004 under the name of TUI Airlines Belgium TRTO. The current name of TUIfly Academy Brussels was adopted in 2006.

Airunit Flight School

As the only PPL(A) flight school in Sint-Truiden, airunit offers extensive flight training. Experienced instructors train you from A to Z and guide you through the process. Their mission is clear, to make the available accommodation of Droneport available for training candidate pilots (PPL) and renting aircraft to pilots

Toran Heli Services & Academy

You can contact Toran Heli Services & Academy for helicopter flights both individual and for groups (air baptism), flight initiations (flying yourself) and for obtaining a license as a helicopter pilot. Also to rent a helicopter, to fly a helicopter yourself, to make a helicopter air baptism or to get your first helicopter flying lesson.

Helicopterflights is a flight school specializing in helicopter pilot training. Their programs cater to both private (PPL) and commercial (CPL) pilot licenses, offering a blend of theoretical and practical training by experienced instructors. Enrollment is open year-round, accommodating students’ schedules and facilitating a smooth start to their aviation journey.