Airside Code of Conduct

For (visiting) pilots and plane owners

At DronePort, we are committed to maintaining a respectful, professional and safe environment for all employees, clients and visitors. This Airside Code of Conduct outlines the expectations for behavior while accessing our airside as a (visiting) pilot, plane owner or student pilot.

In order to maintain safe and secure operations at all times, access control to airside and the UAV test grounds is crucial. We need everybody’s cooperation to achieve this goal. When flying to or from DronePort, or when visiting our airside, please read and take into consideration the way of conduct listed below applicable to airside access and visits.

  • The badge giving access to airside is strictly personal and will not be passed on to other persons.
  • All visitors will be accompanied by a pilot or owner who becomes responsible for the visitors. 
  • Visitors that are not passengers will stay behind the red line near the hangar except when invited and escorted by an owner and/or pilot wearing a high-vis jacket
  • Vistor groups are restricted to 8 persons per escorting pilot. Make sure children don’t wander off, playing unaware of possible dangers. Dogs will be kept at the leash.
  • Visits of bigger groups have to be coordinated before with the Aerodrome Commander or his representative.
  • Aircraft in the hangar are not to be touched. Avoid passing from one side of the hangar to the other side by going in between the parked aircraft. A free passage lane will be created shortly so you can do this without any risk to persons or aircraft.


  • For security reasons no persons are allowed to be present in the hangar between 11pm and 06am local. If you need access between these hours, it has to be requested beforehand in due time.
  • When you see unfamiliar people wandering around in the hangar or on airside, challenge them and ask for their intentions.
  • If you see an unsafe situation, go and intervene before anybody gets hurt or damage is caused to aircraft or installations. Report this to the Duty Aerodrome Commander or any other staff member around.
  • Safety and security is in everybody’s interest and requires the involvement and awareness of all pilots and aircraft owners.

Violations of this Code of Conduct may result in disciplinary action. It is the responsibility of everyone to uphold these standards for the benefit of all involved. This Code of Conduct is a living document, and it may be amended as necessary to address new issues or improve the organizational environment.