At DronePort lives and works a vibrant community of innovative companies that are active in the UAS and aviation industry. Below is an overview of all the companies that allied to DronePort. 


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Airobot offers complete a solution to capture consistent and accurate aerial data with automated drones and automated cloud software. They develop aerial data handling software & hardware to make industrial RTK BVLOS drones. The Industrial RTK BVLOS Drones make capturing the data easy. They also help sharing and visualising that data from your projects through our aerial data handling software, AiroCollect. It allows you to pinpoint the exact quantities of your material stocks, monitor the progress of your projects and make your as-built information 100% accurate. The hardware, our AiroCore is the motherboard of their drones. It gives them the ability to fly in RTK mode and beyond visual line of sight. The AiroCore allows for interfacing with existing payloads or custom ones. Are you active in agriculture, topographical survey, inspection, construction, public safety, insurance or worker protection? Have a look at their website!