At DronePort lives and works a vibrant community of innovative companies that are active in the UAS and aviation industry. Below is an overview of all the companies that allied to DronePort. 

SD Worx

Coworking area


+32 (0) 11 870 220

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SD Worx specializes in boosting business performance with advanced technology, expert expertise, and deep data insights. Their goal is to empower businesses to fully support their workforce, leading to top-notch performance and job satisfaction. Recognizing the increasing flexibility in today’s work environment, SD Worx understands the importance of meaningful and satisfying jobs for employees. Their People Solutions are key, connecting individuals with suitable jobs, promoting growth, and ensuring fair rewards. This approach enables employees to concentrate on what they do best, integrating work as a valuable part of life. SD Worx is dedicated to helping businesses enhance the overall work experience, resulting in better outcomes for individuals, teams, and organizations.