At DronePort lives and works a vibrant community of innovative companies that are active in the UAS and aviation industry. Below is an overview of all the companies that allied to DronePort. 


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Senhive specializes in providing cutting-edge counter UAV solutions. With a team comprising experts in law enforcement, UTM systems, aerospace, and critical communications, they have successfully completed prestigious projects in various global locations, including Antwerp, Brussels, Paris, Eindhoven, Antarctica, South Africa, and Malaysia. Their dedication to innovation and a proven track record of delivering reliable solutions have established them as leaders in the industry. By combining expertise in sensing, edge computing, and communication, Senhive develops mission-critical solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of their clients. They prioritize safety, reliability, and resource efficiency, and are committed to enhancing the security of both mission-critical infrastructure and the environment. Clients can trust Senhive’s expertise and innovative solutions to safeguard their airspace and ensure a safer operational environment.