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22 feb, 2024

FlyEurop’s launch at DronePort marks a new era in eco-friendly private flights

The official launch of FlyEurop at DronePort in Sint-Truiden marks a significant milestone in the history of Belgian aviation. This event signifies a landmark achievement for FlyEurop, the first Belgian airline dedicated to eco-friendly private flights, highlighting its role as a pioneer in the ecological transition of the aviation sector.

Efficient and environmental conscious private aviation

DronePort, an innovation hub for the aerospace industry, provided the perfect backdrop for this occasion. Strategically located near major cities like Brussels, Leuven, Liège, Hasselt, Tienen and Tongeren, DronePort offers an ideal infrastructure for both business travelers and aviation innovation enthusiasts.

Founded by entrepreneur Stéphan Maertens and backed by investors, FlyEurop ushers in a new era of efficiency and environmental consciousness in private aviation. The company will utilize the Diamond DA62, known for its low fuel consumption and minimal noise pollution, providing custom flights at speeds up to 350 km/h to over 750 European destinations.

Unique flying experience

The launch was celebrated with a press conference led by Maertens, presenting FlyEurop’s unique services and visions. Held in the inspiring environment of DronePort’s aviation hangar, the event provided journalists and guests with insights into FlyEurop’s innovative approach to private aviation.

With this initiative, FlyEurop underscores its commitment to innovation and sustainability. The airline not only offers a fast and flexible travel option for business clients but also caters to individuals seeking a unique flying experience, all with a fuel consumption up to ten times lower than traditional business aircraft.

Fostering innovation and growth

The presence of FlyEurop at DronePort and Limburg Regional Airport, as well as the support from the Belgian Civil Aviation Authority (BCAA), emphasizes the shared commitment to safety and progress in aviation.

FlyEurop and DronePort invite those interested to engage with the ongoing developments in the aviation sector and the role DronePort plays in fostering innovation and growth. For more information or to participate in future events, please contact us.

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Pioneering the future of aviation: DronePort and the ‘Indiana – Flanders’ MoU

Pioneering the future of aviation: DronePort and the ‘Indiana – Flanders’ MoU

In 2023, the MoU ‘Indiana – Flanders’ was signed at the Governor’s office in Indianapolis, setting the stage for regional collaboration and innovation. Recently, Governor Eric Holcomb visited Flanders to meet with Flemish Prime Minister Jan Jambon and key leaders in autonomous driving and AI, hosted by Flanders Investment & Trade (FIT). Our CEO, Ward Decaluwe, presented DronePort’s mission and vision, showcasing the potential of our business park for local and international companies eager to grow in these expanding markets.

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