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1 mrt, 2024

Nele De Greef joins DronePort as a specialist in Safety, Security and Compliance

DronePort is proud to announce that Nele De Greef has joined their team as a Safety, Security & Compliance expert. This pivotal move underscores DronePort's dedication to implementing superior aviation safety and security standards, thereby paving the way for the integration and advancement of new technologies.

A fusion of expertise and enthusiasm

With nearly 15 years of experience in the aviation sector, Nele De Greef brings a lot of knowledge and commitment to her new role. As a member of the Compliance & Certification Unit at Brussels Airport Company, she played a role in the team that developed the safety management system from its inception. This collaborative effort spanned over 12.5 years, during which I contributed significantly to shaping this vital aspect of airport operations. Nele’s criminology background, combined with her experience in aviation safety and compliance, positions her as an ideal team member to navigate the complexities and challenges at DronePort.

A vision for advancing aviation safety

Nele’s decision to join DronePort is fueled by her lifelong passion for aviation. She is eager to take part in the development and expansion of DronePort’s safety and security management systems, aligning with the hub’s innovative future plans. Her enthusiasm and dedication are key in driving DronePort’s commitment to integrating manned and unmanned aviation safely and efficiently.

The distinctive charm of DronePort

Nele finds DronePort’s unique combination of manned and unmanned aviation particularly compelling. This environment offers not just challenging scenarios but also immense opportunities for the evolution of aviation. Nele’s expertise will be crucial in tapping into this potential while maintaining stringent safety and security standards.

Forward-looking aspirations

Her addition to the DronePort team marks a significant moment in the organization’s journey towards achieving excellence in aviation safety and security. Her background, coupled with a fervent passion for aviation, equips her to contribute significantly to DronePort’s vision and objectives. As the aviation industry evolves, especially with the growing prominence of unmanned aerial systems, Nele’s role in guiding a safe and secure pathway is more important than ever.

In summary, De Greef’s appointment at DronePort represents a significant leap toward a safer, more innovative aviation future. Her expertise and enthusiasm are expected to elevate DronePort to new standards in safety, security, and compliance, creating a benchmark for the entire industry.

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First automated BVLOS drone flight at DronePort with perimeter inspection from Steenokkerzeel

First automated BVLOS drone flight at DronePort with perimeter inspection from Steenokkerzeel

DronePort in Sint-Truiden hosted a groundbreaking BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line of Sight) drone flight for perimeter inspection, remotely controlled from Steenokkerzeel. This collaborative project, part of the ‘U-space in Practice’ event, signifies a major step in automated drone technology, demonstrating its potential for advanced, hard-to-reach inspections, and highlighting DronePort’s commitment to integrating such technologies into practical applications.

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Unique light show with 125 drones above DronePort in Sint-Truiden: a new era of entertainment in the air

On the evening of Saturday, March 9, 125 glowing drones formed a breathtaking light and sound show under the starry sky of DronePort in Sint-Truiden. The drone show was the result of a collaboration between DronePort and Dutch Drone Shows, a company originally from the Netherlands that settled last summer on the business campus in Sint-Truiden to develop a sister company in Belgium.

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