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11 mrt, 2024

Unique light show with 125 drones above DronePort in Sint-Truiden: a new era of entertainment in the air

On the evening of Saturday, March 9, 125 glowing drones formed a breathtaking light and sound show under the starry sky of DronePort in Sint-Truiden. The drone show was the result of a collaboration between DronePort and Dutch Drone Shows, a company originally from the Netherlands that settled last summer on the business campus in Sint-Truiden to develop a sister company in Belgium.

Immersive experience

During the 12-minute show, more than a hundred drones formed various 3D figures in the air. The lights mounted on the drones created an overwhelming spectacle of light. The show was musically accompanied on the ground with custom-made audio to provide guests with a total experience. The event took place in a closed group, with the goal of showing dozens of event organizers the possibilities of a drone show, and convincing them of its potential.

Showcase for event organizers

“We want to convince organizers of commercial and public events that a drone show is a worthy alternative to traditional fireworks,” says Vincent van Schijndel of Dutch Drone Shows. “Drones are much quieter, more environmentally friendly, and safer. In addition, it offers numerous possibilities because you can program in advance what figures should form in the air. Our systems can theoretically handle shows with up to 5000 drones, which offers enormous possibilities.”

“We also notice that many organizers do not have a good understanding of what goes into the creation and execution of a Drone Show. That’s why we gave our guests a behind-the-scenes look this evening. We took them into our world of drone shows and showed them the whole process from idea to execution, concluding with a beautiful show.”

What DronePort is built for

The choice of Sint-Truiden as the location for the show was no coincidence. DroneLand, a sister company of Dutch Drone Shows, settled last summer on the business campus of DronePort. “This show is a prime example of what DronePort has to offer for companies that want to innovate in the drone and aviation sector,” says Ward Decaluwe, CEO of DronePort. “Our unique infrastructure is specially designed to facilitate such activities in a safe environment.”

“We believe that we have an important role to play in supporting companies that want to demonstrate that new technologies can operate perfectly safely,” claims Decaluwe. Dutch Drone Shows is already an experienced player and has held a European license for years. For example, during the show, there were employees from the Directorate General of Aviation present to observe their operations and learn from them. “This is an excellent opportunity for companies like Dutch Drone Shows to demonstrate their professionalism and get easier approvals to organize such shows in the future at other locations. But the same applies to other drone applications.”

The start of a new era

The business campus in Sint-Truiden is currently making a fresh start after a capital injection from Brussels Airport Company last year, supported by LRM, the City of Sint-Truiden, and a private investor. “We are working hard on a renewed strategy for our campus and there are now numerous new initiatives and collaborations underway. Therefore, this show symbolizes the starting shot of a new era for DronePort,” concludes Decaluwe.

Photo credits: Oscar Wiedemeijer, Robin Kooter en Seppe Oyen

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