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26 apr, 2024

Pioneering aerial cleaning: KTV Working Drone training at DronePort

In the setting of DronePort, KTV Working Drone is actively transforming how building maintenance is approached. Recently, the company conducted an intensive training session, facilitated by an expert from Norway, focused on mastering drone operations for specialized cleaning services.

An ideal training ground

The choice of DronePort as the venue for this crucial training for KTV was no coincidence. Its complex architecture provided the perfect environment for practical, hands-on training. Furthermore, the ability to completely secure the parking area ensured a distraction-free session, allowing the team to focus fully on mastering their tasks. DronePort, being a center where drones are the focal point, offered all necessary resources, including last-minute essentials like the Remote ID from DroneLand, ensuring compliance and safety during the training.

Revolutionizing building maintenance

Traditionally, high-rise building maintenance, including window and facade cleaning, has been a labor-intensive and hazardous job, requiring scaffolding, lifts, or even alpine techniques. KTV Working Drone is challenging this norm by introducing drones equipped with custom mounting equipment and specialized cleaning methods. This not only speeds up the process but also significantly reduces the risks and costs associated with traditional methods.

Innovative technology and safety standards

KTV Working Drone leverages cutting-edge technology tailored to ensure high efficiency and safety. The drones are designed to perform complex cleaning tasks under stringent controls and procedures that comply with international standards such as ISO9001, ISO14001, and OHSAS18001. This focus on Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) and public safety is paramount, ensuring that every operation maintains the highest level of quality and reliability.

Vision and commercial goals

Looking ahead, KTV Working Drone aims to become the world’s leading and largest company in deploying drones for various high-altitude maintenance tasks like painting and structural repairs. By commercializing drone technology in building maintenance, they not only foresee a revolution in the industry but are setting the stage to lead it.


KTV Working Drone’s training at DronePort represents a significant leap towards safer, more efficient building maintenance. With their innovative approach and future-forward goals, they are poised to redefine industry standards and establish new benchmarks in the application of drone technology.

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Innoptus Solar Team tests the latest version of their solar car at DronePort

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DronePort joins the EU UAS Test Center Alliance

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