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26 apr, 2024

VRT teams learn how to master the DJI Mini 4 Pro at DronePort

This week at DronePort, a vibrant hub for aerial innovation, two groups of employees from VRT took to the skies to sharpen their drone flying skills. Yet again, DronePort proved to be the perfect location for hassle-free training sessions with drones.

The DJI Mini Pro 4: A journalist’s dream drone

This week, DronePort and DroneLand welcomed two groups of twelve VRT employees, who were eager to learn the art of drone flying to enhance their documentary and reportage storytelling. The training focused on mastering the DJI Mini 4 Pro, a drone renowned for its performance and ease of use, weighing just under 250 grams, which allows for flexibility in a variety of filming locations with minimal legal constraints.

Its compact size facilitates easy handling, while its superior camera technology delivers high-resolution footage. The drone’s extended flight time allows for prolonged shooting sessions, and built-in stabilization features ensure smooth, cinematic output. Additionally, its intuitive controls make it accessible for both novices and experienced users, making it a versatile tool for a wide range of basic and semi-professional cinematic projects.

Hands-on Learning in Ideal Conditions

The DronePort’s designated flying zone, EBR61S, provided the perfect setting for the VRT teams to learn and practice. This wide-open space is tailored for drone training, offering ample room to navigate and master flight techniques without constraints.

Adding to the facilities, recently installed containers in the field now serve as shelters, ensuring that training can continue comfortably regardless of weather conditions. Beyond practical flying lessons, the VRT teams were also treated to a presentation on the long-term vision for the DronePort Campus and a comprehensive guided tour, deepening their understanding of the burgeoning drone industry.

As drones continue to revolutionize filmmaking and reporting, hands-on training sessions like these are invaluable. They not only equip media professionals with the skills needed to pilot these advanced tools but also inspire innovative applications in storytelling and journalism.

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Innoptus Solar Team tests the latest version of their solar car at DronePort

Innoptus Solar Team tests the latest version of their solar car at DronePort

The Innoptus Solar Team has recently begun testing the latest version of their solar car. These initial tests took place on the runway at DronePort, a hub of cutting-edge technology and a living lab for CO2-free and autonomous mobility. The team is gearing up for the prestigious SASOL Solar Challenge in South-Africa, set to take place in September. This is a prestigious event in the world of sustainable transportation, showcasing the latest advancements in solar-powered vehicles.

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DronePort joins the EU UAS Test Center Alliance

DronePort joins the EU UAS Test Center Alliance

DronePort is proud to announce its new membership in the EU UAS Test Center Alliance, a network dedicated to fostering collaboration and innovation among European Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) test sites. Today, DronePort introduced itself to the group, marking the beginning of an exciting journey with 35 member organizations from 17 European countries.

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