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26 mei, 2024

Brustem Pilot Association provides a day of joy for young cancer patients at DronePort

Today, DronePort was alive with joy as the Brustem Pilot Association (BPA) teamed up with Fighters Against Cancer to offer an unforgettable day for young cancer patients. The event, beautifully coordinated by TUKI vzw, provided seventeen brave young patients with the unique opportunity to experience free flights in various aircraft.

Wings of compassion

The excitement and enthusiasm were high as the young patients, accompanied by their families, arrived at DronePort. The smiles on their faces lit up the area, reflecting their anticipation and eagerness to take to the skies. These incredible children, who have faced unimaginable challenges, were treated to a day where they could forget their battles and simply enjoy the thrill of flying.

Soaring spirits

The highlight of the day was a spectacular three-ship Pilatus P-3 formation flight, which left everyone in awe. The synchronized maneuvers and the roar of the engines created a moment of magic, etching memories that will last a lifetime for the young spectators.

Rudi Claes, one of the pilots and initiators of this heartwarming event, shared his inspiration drawn from last year’s cooperation with Fighters Against Cancer. This event, now in its second year, is a testament to the power of community and compassion in the fight against cancer. Rudi expressed his gratitude and joy, emphasizing the importance of bringing happiness and hope to these amazing kids through such initiatives.

Collective effort

The success of the event was a collective effort, with numerous pilots and ground crew members dedicating their time and skills. Their engagement and contributions were crucial in making the day seamless and enjoyable for everyone involved. The selflessness and dedication of these volunteers highlight the incredible impact that a united community can have in uplifting and supporting those in need.

This heartwarming event serves as a powerful reminder of the strength and resilience of young cancer patients and the significant role of community support in their journey. It is moments like these that illustrate the profound difference kindness and solidarity can make in the lives of those battling cancer.

A big thank you to all the pilots and ground crew for their unwavering commitment and hard work. Your efforts have brought immense joy and created lasting memories for these children and their families.

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Pioneering the future of aviation: DronePort and the ‘Indiana – Flanders’ MoU

Pioneering the future of aviation: DronePort and the ‘Indiana – Flanders’ MoU

In 2023, the MoU ‘Indiana – Flanders’ was signed at the Governor’s office in Indianapolis, setting the stage for regional collaboration and innovation. Recently, Governor Eric Holcomb visited Flanders to meet with Flemish Prime Minister Jan Jambon and key leaders in autonomous driving and AI, hosted by Flanders Investment & Trade (FIT). Our CEO, Ward Decaluwe, presented DronePort’s mission and vision, showcasing the potential of our business park for local and international companies eager to grow in these expanding markets.

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Innoptus Solar Team tests innovations in their solar car at DronePort

Innoptus Solar Team tests innovations in their solar car at DronePort

The Innoptus Solar Team has recently begun testing innovations in the penultimate version of their solar car. These initial tests took place on the runway at DronePort, a hub of cutting-edge technology and a living lab for CO2-free and autonomous mobility. The team is gearing up for the prestigious SASOL Solar Challenge in South Africa, set to take place in September. This is a prestigious event in the world of sustainable transportation, showcasing the latest advancements in solar-powered vehicles.

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