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Launch of FlyEurop: Revolutionizing private aviation with eco-friendly flights


FlyEurop, under the visionary leadership of Stéphan Maertens, is proud to celebrate its recognition as the 7th Belgian airline. We're thrilled to invite journalists and guests to the inaugural event of FlyEurop, showcasing our commitment to eco-friendly private flights.

Program highlights

14:00 – Welcome reception for journalists
Enjoy a welcome drink and get ready for an engaging afternoon.

15:00 – FlyEurop presentation to journalists
Experience the Diamond DA62 through a spectacular light show and learn about our unique flight offerings.

18:00 – Welcome reception for guests
Join us for a welcoming drink and mingle with fellow attendees.

19:00 – FlyEurop presentation to guests
Discover FlyEurop’s new fleet and engage in a Q&A session with Stéphan Maertens.

20:00 – Closing drinks
Celebrate this exceptional event with us until 21:00.


Special features

  • Eco-friendly flights: Experience the Diamond DA62, an ecological choice for your travels across Europe.
  • Unique destinations: With over 750 destinations, FlyEurop offers private, eco-friendly, and custom-tailored flights for all your needs.
  • Convenient location: Droneport is situated near major cities and is a hub for innovative aerospace activities.


  • Journalists and guests: please register via the button below

Contact information


You cannot register for this event here. You might have to register on the website of the organizing event partner, or the event might be passed, sold out or invite-only. Please contact for more information.

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