EBR 63

Test area for agricultural applications

EBR 63

Our outdoor test area EBR 63 is used for agricultural test and scientific research flights. This area is located above the pcfruit research centre, which offers an ideal match to test specific agricultural drone applications.


  • Research flights over crops: apple, pear, cherry, vineyards, berries, strawberries
  • Research flights over irrigation, drought, fertilization, disease, pest, weed trials
  • Testing of cropping & pruning systems.
  • Follow-up of phenological development and production
  • UAS multi-copter
  • Fixed-wing flight training
  • Sensor testing & calibration
  • Hardware testing
  • Testing of non-certified & experimental equipment
  • Demonstration & events


  • Surface: approx. 1300m x 1000m (115 Ha)
  • Maximum area altitude 650 Ft AMSL (400 FT AGL / 120m AGL)
  • Flying altitudes above 150 Ft AGL (45m) require coordination and approval of the Duty Aerodrome Commander
  • WIFI available
  • Electricity available
  • Permanent contact with control tower

Operational requirements

  • In accordance with UAS Geozone entry Requirements for EBR 63
  • Simultaneous flights of unmanned and manned aircraft allowed
  • Permanent contact between de Drone Zone Responsible (DZR) and the Duty Aerodrome Commander by mobile phone
  • Flights above 300 Ft AGL (90m) require special coordination and approval of Droneport Geozone Manager.
  • Take-off and landing from inside EBR 63 in a direction away from Rwy 06/24.
  • The area has to be activated by NOTAM.  NOTAM request will be introduced by the Droneport Geozone Manager after drone-flight slot approval.
  • Slot request to be introduced by the drone operator at the latest 2 working days before the day of the flight event
  • Drone pilots are responsible for all safety aspects, incidents and procedures during flight.
  • The DZR must call Duty Aerodrome Commander whenever a safety problem occurs in respect to manned flight activity.
  • The DZR must inform Duty Aerodrome Commander on start and end of drone operations and specifically of flights above 300 Ft AGL (90m)

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